About DeuBetter

Bismarck, North Dakota’s New Kid on the Marketing Block

What it's all about

Beyond Branding: A Promise to You

At DeuBetter, we’re passionate about redefining the branding and media landscape for small to medium enterprises. Witnessing local businesses getting a raw deal from generic agencies, I sought to create an experience that’s authentic, valuable, and tailored.

You’re not just another client here. My approach is rooted in understanding the heart of your business, your vision, and the unique challenges you face. Rather than slap on a one-size-fits-all package, I dive deep, crafting strategies that genuinely resonate with your brand’s ethos.

But it’s not only about creating effective strategies. I’m here to uplift and empower. As you navigate the intricate world of branding, SEO, or social media, DeuBetter acts as your trusted partner, offering insights and tools that foster independence and growth.

In essence, I aim to be the friend you call upon when you need honest, strategic advice. I’m the cheerleader celebrating your every win, and the expert ensuring you’re equipped to conquer the digital landscape. At DeuBetter, I believe in doing it better, and that means doing right by you.

Businessman hand building wooden blocks with Trust concept.

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

-Douglas Adams

Where it all began

From Small Business Owner to Small Business Service: Elisa's Story

From the fresh coast of Traverse City, Michigan, to the great plains and entrepreneurial spirit of Bismarck, North Dakota, my journey has been anything but ordinary. I’m the founder of DeuBetter Branding & Media, a company born out of a blend of passion, experience, and a little bit of serendipity.

Back in 2015, life brought me to the oil fields of Williston, ND, and later to Bismarck, where I found my true calling. Before DeuBetter, I dabbled in entrepreneurship with a polymer clay charm business and a vintage video game shop. Each venture taught me something invaluable, but most importantly, the significance of understanding and applying effective digital marketing strategies.

My professional path meandered through various roles where I picked up skills in social media marketing, graphic design, and website management. I learned from trial and error, complemented by what’s become my life motto at this point – “If I don’t know it, I will figure it out”. In Bismarck, I realized the unique challenges small businesses faced plus what appeared to be a need for guidance, not just in marketing execution but in understanding the ‘whys’ and ‘hows.’ DeuBetter Branding & Media was founded in October 2023.

DeuBetter isn’t just a digital marketing agency; it’s a platform where I combine my love for marketing with my love for empowering others. Here, I strive to be more than a service provider—I aim to be a partner and an educator. Whether it’s through my informative blog, how I work with my clients, or my future plans to enrich Bismarck’s community, every interaction is an opportunity to empower business owners and in turn, my new home.

Named in honor of my grandfather, DeuBetter reflects my commitment to bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the local business landscape and helping entrepreneurs navigate the digital world with ease and confidence. It’s not just about doing better; it’s about understanding better too.

At DeuBetter, it’s more than marketing; it’s storytelling, strategizing, and being your go-to guides for all things digital. Let’s embark on this journey together.

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“Just do what you do best, and hire out the rest

-Casey Norman, Owner
Altered Ego